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Benefits of Summer Camps:

Develops Lifelong Skills...

Promotes Independence...

Makes Time for Play...

Teaches Teamwork...

Teaches Resiliency...

Provides Fun Activities 

Encourages a Connection with Nature...

Fosters Growth...

Builds Self-Esteem...

Teaches children to respect differences...

Supports healthy living...

and nurtures friendships!

Pioneer Program


Is the central program for the Protégé Project Youth Mentoring Group for elementary, middle school, and high school students.This is  an open  program where youth participate in energizing retreats, social and team building activities, academic/career readiness workshops.

* Refreshments Served*

About Face Program


Focuses on students who are at-risk of failing academically and/or chronically suspended from school. Protégé will meet with his/her mentor for a total of 8  hours per week for 9-Weeks.

 Program includes: 

Individualized Academic Mentoring,

E-Mentoring, One Face-to-Face School Visitation, One conference call to include Program Director, parent and school official, Individualized/Group Mentoring, Parent-Child Relationship Building, and Team Building Activities.

* Refreshments Served*

Breaking Chains Program


Is a Reformative Justice Program that engages youth entangled in the Juvenile Court, Drug Court, and Criminal Justice System. Our dedicated mentors and trained professional staff are committed to serving each youth on a case-by-case basis. 

Program includes:

Individual/Group Counseling, Substance Abuse Prevention, Individualized Mentoring, E-Mentoring, and other measures ordered by the court.

*Appointments Only

Protégé Cultured Pearls-Girls Empowerment Group


Protégé Cultured Pearls Empowerment Group is an open program that seeks to be the catalyst for change by developing a healthy sense of self-worth, self-respect, self-development and purpose for girls ages 12-17.  This program will identify the risk factors associated with female adolescent and problem behaviors, such as failure to graduate from high school, dating and domestic violence, teen pregnancy and parenting, social media and it's negative effects, low self esteem and prior victimization.  We seek to address unhealthy behaviors in minority females (ages 8-17) at risk for violence and/or poor outcomes. This program affords  each youth the opportunity to learn skills and gain experiences that contribute to more positive lifestyles and enhance their ability to make healthier life choices.   We provide a safe and confidential environment for youth to share their struggles and opinions, while being encouraged  to think critically about their decision-making, behavior, and consequences for their actions.  

Program Includes:

Individualized Academic Mentoring, Counseling, Behavior Modification, Self-Esteem Building, Team Bonding, Professional and Personal Etiquette, Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Advocacy & Empowering through Art, Community Service & Fine Arts/Outreach Program

School-Based Mentoring


PPYMG partners with Community  Schools of Georgia and  local schools within the Muscogee County School District of Columbus, Georgia. The implementation of our mentoring curriculum, has been proven to modify student behavior and increase Academic Achievement.   

*Meeting times are school specific*

Community Service


  Protégés participate in two monthly community service projects per month.   We recently partnered with ”Keep Columbus Warm” Outreach and Columbus Parks and Recreation in providing warm clothing to the less fortunate and a hot meal.

What's Happening at PPYMG?

PPYMG Christmas Party


Small Talk


School-based Mentoring-Red Ribbon Week Celebration!


Individualized Academic Mentoring made fun!




We spent an exciting weekend in Clemson, South Carolina where our youth and mentors attended the 2019 Spring Clemson Game at Clemson University!  They had the privilege to meet and take pictures with the 2019 National Championship players, coaches and mascots!

Teen Protégés of PPYMG